Rookey Rules

Ref: Juniors/Administration/Admin Folder/2009/U9 Rules 29/01/2010 Half Field Hockey introduces rules that will be new to U9 Rookey players but the rules learnt in U7 Rookey still apply. These new rules are:

1. A player who is over the age of six (6), and who has not reached the age of nine (9) by the first of January of the current year is eligible to play in the U9 Rookey – Half Field hockey fixtures.

2. Teams are increased to nine (9) players and teams are encouraged to introduce a fully equipped goalkeeper with pads, kickers, helmet etc and allow each player to try this position at least once during the season. The goalkeeper is permitted to use the body including hands to stop the ball. The goalkeeper is allowed these privileges only inside the defending circle. If the goalkeeper uses them outside the circle, a penalty corner is awarded. BWHA strongly discourages the practice but if a team chooses not to have a Goalkeeper – no player can act in a Kicking Fullback role, and the team will have nine field players.

3. Players may now hit, push, flick or scoop the ball.

4. The ball should not be raised above waist height. This is a logical progression from the knee-high rule in U7 Rookey. 5. Rough or dangerous play such as raising the stick above the shoulder when another player is within playing distance is not permitted. Breaches for dangerous play must be penalised immediately to eliminate the risk of injuries. In all divisions of Junior Hockey, “DANGEROUS STICKS” will be penalised under the FIH Rules: “Players on the field must hold their stick and not use it in a dangerous way.” and “Players must not intimidate or impede another player” 6. For a deliberate breach by a defender inside the circle, the attacking team shall be awarded a modified penalty stroke. The modified Penalty Stroke applied is: Only the goalkeeper is permitted to defend the penalty stroke.  All other defenders stand beyond the 9m goal circle.  The goalkeeper can stop the ball with any part of the body or the flat side of the stick.  The penalty stroke taker must push or flick the ball only once from the 6m penalty spot.  If there is no equipped goalkeeper (with helmet) no defender shall be in the goal box to defend the stroke.

7. For an accidental breach by a defender inside the circle, an U9 Rookey penalty corner will be awarded to the attacking team. The U9 penalty corner process is: • An attacker shall push or hit the ball out from the penalty marks on the back line. • All other attackers shall be outside the circle until the ball is played from the back line. BRISBANE WOMEN’S HOCKEY ASSOCIATION INC JUNIOR SECTION – UNDER 9 ROOKEY (HALF FIELD) RULES Ref: Juniors/Administration/Admin Folder/2008/Modified Local Rules 29/01/2010 2 • The ball must pass outside the circle, then be brought back into the circle for a shot at goal to be taken. • A hit at goal that rises above eighteen inches when crossing the goal line without being deflected by a defender will be disallowed. • Until the hit out is taken the goalkeeper shall stand inside the goal box behind the goal line. Four other defenders will stand behind the goal line outside the goal box on the opposite side of the goal to where the ball is being pushed out. The remaining defenders will stand on the centre line until the hit out is taken.  If there is no equipped goalkeeper (with helmet) no defender shall be in the goal box to defend the penalty corner. The fifth player must stand outside the goal behind the goal line with the other defending field players (as above).

8. If a defender deliberately plays the ball over the goal line, a penalty corner should be awarded. When the ball is played accidentally over the goal line by a defender or by an attacker a free hit is awarded to the defending team level with the top of the circle at the point opposite to where the ball went out.

9. Playing time is divided into twenty-minute halves with a five-minute half time interval.

10. The Ball used should be a regulation hockey ball.

11. Umpires/ Team Officials are to contact the BWHA Office immediately to report any problems or potential problems during a fixture, this includes dangerous or inappropriate behaviour by any player, official or spectator. Junior Management will send someone to the field to take any necessary action. NO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME – TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

General Rules taken from BWHA Local Rules (please see the BWHA Local Rules for the complete list)

7. EQUIPMENT 7.1 Caps The wearing of visors or caps with Hard peaks eg “Hard Plastic” is not allowed. A BWHA Official may remove any non-conforming player from the field. 7.2 Protective Equipment It is Compulsory for all players to wear Shin Guards. A BWHA Official may remove any non-conforming player from the field. BWHA strongly recommends that all protective equipment allowed under the rules be worn especially mouthguards. Players should note that failure to wear a Mouthguard may void Insurance claims for injuries. 7.3 It is Compulsory for players to remove all jewellery prior to taking part in any match. A BWHA Official may remove any non-conforming player from the field.

10. UNIFORMS All players should be correctly dressed throughout a match – in their clubs approved uniform and their socks pulled up. A BWHA Official may remove any non-conforming player from the field. Ref: Juniors/Administration/Admin Folder/2008/Modified Local Rules 29/01/2010 3 With reference to new By-Law 10.1.1, players will not be allowed to take the field unless they are in correct approved uniform, including sports briefs or bike pants. Bike pants or skins may be worn by any player as long as they are the same colour and shorter than the club playing skirt unless otherwise approved. A BWHA Official may remove any non-conforming player from the field. All teams must have a Captain who must wear a distinctive Arm Band or ribbon on their uniform.

12. INJURIES & ILLNESS 12.1 Any player who has a wound which is bleeding must leave the field immediately and cannot return to the field until: 12.1.1 The bleeding has stopped and the wound securely covered. 12.1.2 All traces of blood have been removed from their skin and clothes. Blood must be washed from the ground/turf area. 12.2 Any player who sustains an injury to the head, must not retake the field without the approval of a BWHA approved Sports Trainer or qualified Medical Officer. 12.3 BWHA recommends that any player who suffers from any medical condition, which may require attention from or impact on treatment given by the BWHA Sports Trainer/First Aid Officer, should ensure that the BWHA Sports Trainer/First Aid Officer is advised prior to participation in any fixtures. 12.4 Please ensure all members of your club are aware of the “Sun Safe Policy”. A copy is available in your Club Administration Folder, on the Web or by contacting the BWHA office. 12.5 Any injury which requires a Sports Trainer to be called onto the field, then the player must leave the field for a minimum of five (5) minutes. 12.6 Any injury that results in an Ambulance taking a player to hospital, then the injured player MUST supply a Medical Certificate prior to playing another fixture. 12.7 No player may take part in any game while wearing a non-removable cast on any part of the body.


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